Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween this year was different. Many factors were at play. The biggest being that we returned from my Grandpa's funeral just the day before after being gone the entire week. So, our tradition of carving pumpkins did not happen. You can't carve them too soon when it is 95 degrees. The other thing that has happened with our family is that we have children in every phase of life, from high school down to pre school. Yes, times are changing for the Holt's.

Megan really got into Halloween (the candy) this year. No more stroller and she even had little shoes with heels. She loves her Minnie Mouse dress. When we went to Park City this summer and had just arrived at the resort, she burst into tears because she thought we were going to Disneyland.

Anna wanted to be Elpheba so bad. We are all addicted to the musical WICKED. We have seen it three times, and you will often hear the tunes being belted out around our house. However, with my limited time, we were not able to make her green. So, you'll just have to imagine the green glow coming off of her necklace.

Rachael looks so natural in her fifties outfit. She really wanted to be a carhop, but this is what we could find. I will not wait till the last minute again. (say it 100 times a day) She went out with Emma Pitts from our stake and the two of them had a lot of fun.

Katie had no trouble with her football costume. Her Uncle Wayland went to a Green Bay Packers game at Lambo Field last year, and this is a Brett Farve Jersey. It doesn't mean as much now that he came out of retirement, but I digress. Katie went to a party in her friend's barn. She said it was a blast.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Nathan before he headed out the door. He was dressed Hawaiian. He was off with his friends as well. I miss the good old days of taking all the little kids around. We only have the two little ones left. When and how did that happen.


Miller Family said...

They all look great. I wanted to see Meg's in her yellow heels. So fun. We didn't carve pumpkins either. Aubrey painted one Halloween day and we did the potato head technique with the one we had to take to a party. My memory of carving pumpkins was that it was gross and messy, so I'm feeling fine about it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you had a blog! Thanks for visiting mine. I will add you to my blog list if that is OK. Looks like a fun Halloween. I am kind of glad it is over....

Gail:) said...

Welcome to my world Barbie! Halloween has not been the same w/o little ones...but before I know it, there will be grandkids nearby to take trick-or-treating...I hope! Enjoy the few you have left! Your kids all look great in their costumes...that Megan has such a confident little stance!
(Oh and don't be all that impressed w/my Halloween kids don't all eat everything etither,but you will have time for that one just had something way more important going on this year:).

Aniston said...

Katie looks funny

Bob and Julie said...

So fun!! I totally forgot to you can tell from the date of this comment...hmmm. Anyway, I think every one of your kids are ADORABLE...regardless of age! I'm glad everyone was able to have fun. And as for the pumpkins....I say good riddance...those things are a slimy mess anyway. (Although, I get sucked in each year because they are kind of cool) :)