Sunday, October 5, 2008


This was a big weekend. It was Nathan's first homecoming. It was a three day event. (Aside from the weeks of fretting and preparing) Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. Nathan decided to ask Arianne Leavitt, a girl from his Chamber orchestra to go with him. He made a pan of brownies and had his name in the bottom of the pan. Then on the top he wrote "Homecoming?" He attached a card that said, "Eat your way through to find out who." (We didn't get a picture)

He was able to get involved with a great group of guys to go with. They took the girls to Bounce U on Thursday night, followed by yummy frozen yogurt at Ocean Blue.
Friday was the football game. Nathan was also involved in the making of the junior float and is seen here(kind of)running on the field at the football game with their banner.

Saturday was his usual busy day. Work at the gym at 8:30 a.m. cleaning and coaching until 11:00 then come home and teach piano and violin lessons. Luckily he got to watch the afternoon session of General Conference. Then, it was time to get ready for Priesthood session. While the boys were all there, I was with the mom's preparing dinner for 10 couples. After priesthood, the boys went around and picked up their dates and came to Preston Alder's house for Hawaiian haystacks. is my little boy on his very first date! Nathan and Arianne


Miller Family said...

Oh my! So awesome. I was going to email you to find out how the weekend went, so I was excited to see your post. He doesn't look too much like your 'little boy' anymore. We are so glad he had fun! Love you lots, RJAKLEB

Bob and Julie said...

Wow!! What a wonderful time! He looks so handsome and his date is beautiful! He is an amazing young man. I love how he made sure to go to Priesthood awesome is that!!?!?! are so talented!!! Your dinner looks wonderful!

Amy said...

WOW! Does that bring back memories. What a handsome boy you have. Looks like a GREAT weekend.

Andy &; JoDee Dillard said...

Huge Milestone in his life! How exciting!

Gail:) said...

Wow, it looks like he had a great time! Everything sounded flawless..not bad for a first date! I can't believe our boys are that old already!