Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Horror

I wish this had been a cruel Halloween joke. I am not one for the blood and gore. However, at 4:00 on Halloween afternoon, I rammed the corner of the car door into my ear. If you paid me a million dollars, and I could not recreate this for you.

This picture really doesn't do it justice. I actually sliced the outer part, as shown, and in the canal. When I pulled my hand away from my ear and there was blood running down my arm, I knew I needed help. So Nathan took me to the nurse duo of Ayala and Ayala to save the day. Chino and Michelle literally glued me back together. To thank them for their bravery, I had a street named in their honor.

Thanks guys!


Suz said...

Sister- this is a sign of the times.... (no, that would be if I woke up and went for my 6 a.m. walking) You posted! My heart leaped when I saw- you know, since I don't walk, I am going through Barbarella withdrawls and this blog is my connection to your world! haha..
sorry about the ear. But I can't think of a nice tribute than to have a road named for the sake of those who glued your stuffin' back in!
you crack me up!

HaHa said...

Ouch! My ear started hurting just thinking about it - I'm glad they were able to put you back together!

Michelle said...

That is too cute. Thanks for the kudos and the street!