Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Evening in Excellence

Tonight we had our Evening in Excellence activity. This happens near the end of each year as a culmination of what the girls have been focusing on in the Personal Progress Program. We had a black and white theme, with the phrase...
We had decided on using black and white, but had not come up with a phrase to tie it all together, when Jamie brought this back with her from her trip to Sea World. She had just seen the whale show, and upon leaving saw this phrase. We loved it. During the dinner, Rachael turned to me and said, "it's just like the theme at Sea World." I thought that was pretty funny, considering she hasn't ever been there.
Putting on an event like this takes a village, which is why Heavenly Father created this organization to have a Presidency and Advisors. Bringing together all the creative talents of these great women, we feel like we created a beautiful night.
From Left to Right
Karry Merrill (President)
Alison Ellsworth (Laurel Advisor)
Becky Hermosillo (1st Counselor)
Jamie Cook (Secretary)
Me (2nd Counselor)
Sherry Willis (MiaMaid Advisor)
Not Pictured:Darcel Brock (Beehive Advisor) We missed you!
I LOVE working with these women!!!!

Here is a slide show of the rest of the pictures.


Suz said...

This turned out AWESOME! WIsh I could have seen it all done up. I bet it was beautiful! The food looked pretty darn yummy too! Iloved the matchy black and white dress ups for the leaders! CUTE!

Bob and Julie said...

Wow!! What great ideas and creativity. It looks like it was really special for the girls. I miss working in the young women's. It looks like you have some great women to work with. I know for sure they are lucky to have you!!! You are so talented!!