Saturday, November 8, 2008

14 years

14 years ago today I had the best epidural of my life. You know the kind, where you can't feel the pain, but you can feel enough to push. Yah, that only happened once in five. This little girl, from the womb, did not like chocolate. If I ate it, I got some serious headaches. After she was born, I tried eating it again, and she would scream when she would nurse. So, now you know why she doesn't like chocolate to this day. (Lucky Girl!) However, she had no problemo with ice cream. I ate it every day. Hence the 50 pound weight gain. Yikes! Okay, this post somehow became about me.

Anyway, Katie came into the world 10 days early. She was 8 lbs. 5 oz. She is such an incredible daughter. She had a tough start. At four days old she re-entered the hospital with jaundice and spent three days under the bilirubin (sp?) lights. We think that is why she is so tan. Then, she (and I) got thrush when she was 7 weeks old. So, she was quickly weaned. Then, at 6 months, I was expecting again, and she got a new sister when she was 15 months.

Katie is the perfect oldest girl. She will be the one to take care of us when we are old and feeble. Even as a little child, people always gravitated towards her. He is genuine and has a sweet personality. She has chosen the best friends. I love her so much.


holt family said...


You will always be my first love. From the moment you were born you have been daddy's girl. You truly are the best girl in the world (yes, I know I say that to you and all your sisters--but its true). Thanks for being a good girl, you will be blessed forever.

Love, Dad