Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

We usually spend this week in California because of the cool weather. But, it didn't work out this year, so we decided to take the kids to a local resort for a mini vacation before Katie had to start summer school and Nathan had to leave for the stake encampment. We chose the Grand Resort which is just off I-10 and Baseline.

They have a great water park and we were able to go to the park for two days with just a one night stay. It was cheaper than going to sunsplash and sleeping at home. The water park had 3 slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, regular pool, volleyball and basketball sections of the pool and a wading pool. Not to mention having your food and drinks delivered to your chair. You just can't beat that.
Here are two of the three slides. The other one was a winding one and Anna was able to ride it.
Here are the kids waiting for tubes in the lazy river.

Here's where we went to dinner.
Here's who greeted us.
Here's how you get to your table.

Um, I took the stairs!
Two cute rustlers!


Miller Family said...

We should go to that restaurant sometime when we're there, and also takes the boys to that comedy club. When are we coming there again? Sometime after the 100 degree days are over.