Thursday, May 28, 2009

The baby

My baby sister, Ally is 27. How can that be? I'm pretty sure I just celebrated that birthday myself. Ally was 5 years old when I left home to go to college. She doesn't even remember me before Orson came into the picture. She was 7 when I got married. She and I look the most alike. (Yes, I used to look something like that!)In fact if you look at pictures of Ally and Rachael when they were 6, it's hard to tell them apart. When I was in the thick of having kids, she would often come out in the summer and help me. She drove with us as we moved from Utah to San Francisco. Our favorite story from that trip is when she got car sick (which happened quite often with us). She told us she was going to throw up and we told her to do it into a trash bag. After listening to her heave, she announces "The bag has a hole in it". We pulled over and threw the bag on the side of the road right next to a NO LITTERING sign. We were great examples from the start. Ally is a great athlete. She played college softball for four years. I was so excited when she and her husband, Waylaynd moved out here after graduation. It has been a blast getting to know her. Even though she lives all the way out in Queen Creek (which I call western New Mexico), we try to see each other often.
So on this special day, I got a Cold Stone butterfinger ice cream cake and she just had to come celebrate with us. I love you Al!


Ally said...

Thanks for sharing that story with all your readers. I hate that I have a sensitive stomach and get sick....anyways I am so glad we live so close and we can share in raising our kids togehter. Thanks for being my example!!! love you!!!!