Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Ever since we moved to Arizona, we have spent Christmas Eve with the Holt Cousins. In the small town of Blythe, CA, where Orson grew up, there was another Holt farm just around the corner. Orson's dad, Orson Sr. had a brother named Joe. Joe had 8 kids. 6 of those 8 kids live in Mesa or Gilbert. Orson really feels like a brother. We are so grateful to have these great families in our lives. We always have appetizers and dessert and we are never hungry. I was so busy eating, I took no pictures of the food. Then the kids act out the nativity while we read scriptures and sing songs.
The next generation of cousins.

Anyone who was in the ward before it split would remember Howard and Claudia Owens. Claudia and Orson are cousins. They moved to Queen Creek.

Orson was the narrator this year.

Alex Owens read the scriptures. He is headed to the Air Force, and we will miss him.

Anna was Mary.

This is Aunt Rose. She is the mother of the Holt Cousins. We love her. Ain't she sweet.

The other tradition we have is to sing the Grinch song. Ask Orson to do it for you sometime. He is pretty fabulous.

Here's our own Wendy Lou Who. What a cutie!

We returned home to our beautiful home. I love Christmas lights. We had deciede with our neighbors to put luminaries all along the sidewalk in front of our houses. When you only have five houses, it's not that bad. Thanks Spencer for lighting all those bags as we drove off to our party. I wish I had gotten a picture. When will I learn.

Finally, I love nativities. So, I thought I'd share mine with you. Enjoy!


HaHa said...

Your Nativity Sets are so beautiful! I love them!

Miller Family said...

I love you Nativities too. The house look great. The luminaries look good all lit up along the sidewalk. Meg's is a great Cindy Lou Who.

Melissa Bosen said...

Can I come to the Holt Christmas Eve Party next year? I miss those guys so much! We are so blessed to be related to so many amazing people!