Friday, December 12, 2008

Visiting Teaching

I have always enjoyed being a visiting teacher. I have a fantastic companion.
This is Marie. As far as we can remember, we have been companions for about 8 years. SHHHH! We don't want to jinx it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We currently have 3 gals on our route.

We have been visiting Jamie the longest. She is the secretary in our Young Women's organization. She is so talented. She has four little kids, and reminds me of my life 10 years ago. But, she is so much more on the ball.

This is Alison. We have been visiting her for the past couple of years. I knew her husband at BYU when we were both Freshman. We became fast friends when they moved into our ward. She is the Laurel advisor. She has five children.

Sherry is our newbie. We have only been visiting her for about 3 months. She moved here from Missouri and was called to be the Miamaid advisor. It just works out that I visit 3 of the women I serve with. She is also the assistant camp director, and we have had so much fun at camp the past two years. She is super creative.
Today we had our 8th annual visiting teaching holiday luncheon. I can't believe I did not take one picture. I must have had a brain freeze. Marie made a delicious potato soup. My visiting teachers, Julie and Dixie also came, and Julie brought a salad that had blackberries in it with a poppyseed dressing. I always make the same chicken salad sandwiches. However, these are special. Hold on, I am going to go take some pictures. Okay, I'm back.

First, start with a croissant. I used to use large ones, and the last two years I have gone with the small ones. I like them better.

Next, slather the roll with whipped cream cheese(yes, you must slather).

Then you add the chicken salad. I use a simple recipe of chicken, pink lady apples, celery and best foods mayo.

And now, for the "piece de resistance"(please read with a French accent). CASHEWS!!! Just when you thought we couldn't get any more fat into this sandwich.

There you have it. My most favorite chicken salad sandwich in the world. I have to thank my friend Colleen from my last ward in California for it. She was the most fabulous cook.

I try to do something different for dessert every year. This year I ordered belgium chocolate cups and filled them with cheese cake and chocolate mousse. They were delectible.

I want to thank all the ladies for taking time out of their day to be here. This is my favorite time of the month. I really look forward to this every year. To see a copy of the visiting teaching handout for this month, go to She makes beautiful handouts.


Lindsay Jones said...

You are so good! That looks sooo delicious all of it! I really want to try that!!

sambonez7 said...

You are so on top of things! Next we need a yw leader lunch. This is always produces some kind of interesting fun and amuzing to say the least!

Jo Dee said...

How do I get invited to that lunch? Yum!!!

Suz said...

You are a DREAM! It sure looks like fun! I know what its like to have lunch at your house... and I heard about that dessert... yummm!!! You are the Best!

Amy said...

Oh you made me VERY home sick. How wonderful. The lunch looks delicious. Is the recipe in the ward cookbook? Your the best!

Bob and Julie said...

Do you think Oregon could be on your route? I love how thoughtful and creative you are. The lunch is such a great idea. I am seriously drooling over those chocolate/cheesecake cups...oh my!! I also think the chicken sandwich sounds delicious right now!!! Thanks for the weblink too. What fun!!

Jamie & Aaron said...

Thanks Barbie! It was a blast as usual. I just wanted to say that my hair is not usually that messy!! The fan was on and it blowed on me right as the picture was taken. =)