Friday, December 19, 2008

November 21,1966

This was a great day. It was the day my lovely husband was born. This was no ordinary event. You see, Orson Pratt Holt, Jr. came 12 years after the last of his four older siblings. And he was his Father's namesake. I choose to believe that he waited in Heaven for me. You see, I wouldn't be here for 2 1/2 more years. But, that was close enough. It worked out perfectly so that when he returned home from his mission and came to BYU, I was a sophmore and had just sent a boy out on a mission. God's timing is amazing. So, every year we have a family party and this year I made the cake. I love my new cake pan, and hope to one day be able to decorate it better. Happy birthday to you!


Suz said...

ORS, you handsome devil... Happy Birthday! I would guess you were still in your 30's if I hadn't attended your BIG 40 a few years back! Keeping that youthfulness.. infact, one time I was in CALI, years ago... and this "no name" band that I saw ROCKEN' out had a member that looked JUST LIKE YOU! You look like a graciously aged image of that rock star! WOWZERS! :)
Happy Birthday smiley! (smiley= because I never see you without a GIANT smile on your face!)

Bob and Julie said...

Happy Birthday (major late) Orson!!! That is so cool...I didn't realize that you are 12 years younger than your other siblings! Heavenly Father's timing is truly awesome!!!