Thursday, October 15, 2009

October break Part 2-Logan

Today we drove to Logan. My Grandma Webber is buried there and I have never been to her grave. She died about 6 years ago and she was a great influence in my life.

Driving up the beautiful canyon.

Our first stop was the Bluebird.

My Grandma used to eat here as a teenager.

It's weird to imagine her sitting at the counter with her friends, and possibly my Grandpa, while they were dating.

It's got a very interesting history.

Right across the street from the Bluebird is the tabernacle.

We thought that she had been the first one to be baptized in this building, but the dates didn't seem right. We later found out it was the Richmond Tabernacle.

Simply beautiful.

Breathtaking view of both fall and winter.

Katie was still recovering from the flu and did not want to make another car trip.

My Grandma

My Grandpa. He died just 2 months shy of his 40th birthday. My dad was only 2.

My Great Grandparents.

My Great, Great Grandpa. Notice the spelling of the last name is different. My Great Grandpa had it changed and added another "B". He was born just 7 years before Orson's Grandpa. That's 2 generations apart.

The stadium is right across the street from the cemetary.

Driving back down the canyon. I am so glad we took this trip.


Miller Family said...

Me too. It was good to be there.