Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October break Part 1-Provo

The kids and I decided to head for Utah over the break. Katie had been sick with what we thought might be swine flu, so we weren't going to go. But at 11:00 on Tuesday morning, we changed our minds and we were packed and out the door around 4:30that afternoon. We drove
all the way to Kanab and stayed here...

We got up early and headed to Provo to visit with the Martin cousins.

Aah, the beautiful mountains.
My all time favorite letter.

Introducing the two newest Martin cousins...


Then it was off to BYU with Eliza.

This is just outside the Wilkinson Center. This spot has great meaning to our family. In December of 1988 Orson and I were driving at this very spot when he turned to me and said, "What would you think about getting engaged?" Pretty romantic, huh? That's where it all began.

So, then we went inside to do our favorite activity again.

Megan is so excited because Nathan's online bowling class is almost over.

Nathan met up with Alyssa who was in his orchestra last year.

Nathan, Katie, Rachael and Eliza our super cute cousin.

The Cougareat looks way different from when I was a student.

I had to pass this up because I was only on day 8 of my diet. Too soon to fall off the wagon.

Two future cougarette's?

The cool weather felt wonderful. I got to wear a sweater.


HaHa said...

I love Provo! Now you've got me planning the next time we go up to Utah... I love taking my kids on campus and now I'm craving a quick run to the creamery :)

JakenDebbie said...

I never knew that story about you and I will think of it every time we are in that intersection. :) Can't wait till you guys are here again!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

looks like a good time!