Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Senior Citizen

Today my dad turned 65. In my mind, he is only 40. But, then I realize that I will be turning 40. Life is surreal. Here he is with his girls this past Thanksgiving. From left to right: Jenna, my mom, me and Ally. My sister Michelle lives in Colorado.

Fun facts about my dad (at least they are fun to me)
He is a dentist-he went to dental school at Loyola in Chicago.
He is an avid tennis player-I have never beat him in a set because he is a speedy critter and he plays with both hands (I can only win one or two games, and he doesn't believe in letting you win)
He plays on a city league softball team with boys I went to high school with.
He keeps a daily log of all his activities-he can tell you the score of a tennis match he played 15 years ago.
He started running races with us last summer. He is faster than me.
He has the driest sense of humor. I don't know where he comes up with some of this stuff.
He still plays church basketball.
He is 5' 8" and he and I were in a regional basketball sharpshooting contest when I was in highschool.
He and I were in a road show together where he was a worm and I was an apple core.
He eats popcorn, pepsi and ice cream every night.
He was 4'11" and 95 pounds when he started high school.
He is an avid Laker and Dodger fan.

Happy birthday dad!!!!!


Orson said...

May I be in as good shape when I am that age. He still beats me in tennis.

Orson said...

Good thing I beat him in basketball so that I could marry Barb (or did he let me win??)