Monday, August 24, 2009

Primary talent show

Every year the primary organization at our church puts on a talent show. All kids age 3-11 are invited to participate. There are lots of great talents shared, from cooking to artwork to magic to telling jokes.

Anna played the piano. She teaches herself all kinds of songs by ear.

This was Megan's first year and I had no intention of having her do anything because I am lazy. But, the day before, she informed me that she was singing I am a Child of God for the talent show. She sure showed me. We sent Rachael up with her to help, but she didn't need it. She was a pro.
I guess we should have video taped it.


Bob and Julie said...

Way to go Anna and Megan!!! That is so sweet that Megan sang I am a Child of God. Oh my goodness...for sure you totally missed the opportunity of a life time by not video taping it - ha-ha! Isn't it crazy. But - hey, at least you had your camera. That's a HUGE step better than me!!

aubrey said...

Turn that video camera on. That's a fun primary tradition. J

Melissa Bosen said...

Ward talent shows are so great! We just had one too--Evan showed off his great abs and stood on his head, Preston played the piano and Aiden showed off his baking skills by bringing a plate of cookies that we made that day. He has a very steady hand and good aim. :)