Saturday, January 31, 2009

And baby makes 3

Well, we now officially have THREE teenagers in our home. Rachael was born in Walnut Creek, CA at the same hospital as Katie. She came out with only one push (thankfully because my epidural only took on one side)

Here she is at age 8 in her baptism dress.

Here she is with her roommate,Katie during achievement day.

Rachael was my only child to get blue eyes. Boy are they beautiful.

She spent 7 years of her life in gymnastics.

Her favorite pasttime is singing and here, she and Brooke Connelly sang "For Good" from the Wicked musical, in the Highland talent show. This year she sang the National Anthem at the Poston talent show, and I can't find a picture. I think I only have it on video. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to put that on here, but that day is not toady.

Here she is today, a brand new 13 year old. Let's leave her some well wishes on this fun new stage of her life.
Happy Birthday Rach!!!!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Rachael. YOu are ADORABLE!!!

Suz said...

Rachael... she who was born with the most captivating eyes which spear my soul... (does that sound poetic?) Donkey here... wishing you the birthday of dreams... and a lifetime of joy beyond your wildest dreams!.. You deserve it lady! Happy Happy Happy birthday to you!