Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting it together

Well, this world of blogging is completely new to me. And what a world it is! I am amazed at all that I see on my friend's blogs. I bow to you. My goal is to randomly post about our summer events. Then I can hopefully stay more current. Today I want to talk about our friends Christian and Stephanie Nielsen. They are in our ward at church, and they were in a private plane crash last Saturday. They are both in critical condition in a burn unit in Phoenix. The flight instructor who was with them passed away Sunday night and our thoughts are with his family. Christian and Orson were companions when Orson was the ward mission leader, and now Christian is the ward mission leader. They are both awesome missionaries. Stephanie was a professional blogger. I had no idea before this happened, but have since spent many hours on her site getting to know her better. I am truly humbled and inspired by her. To be so incredible at such a young age. It has taken me much longer. (insert giggle) I would encourage you to visit her site and connect with this wonderful daughter of God. You'll find her at Her sister is keeping us updated on her own blog as well. We had a ward fast on Monday and are holding out the highest hopes for their recovery. Their parents and siblings are here in force looking after their 4 small children. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love this has brought. People are truly amazing. I hop you have a chance to get involved in helping this family in some way.